We’re Here to Protect You!

As independent sales agents, we believe it is our responsibility as professionals to:

  • Serve our customers with the utmost integrity and sincerity.
  • Provide for our customers the finest and most efficient service available in the country today.
  • Represent our suppliers at the maximum professional level at all times.
  • Respond promptly to our customer's demands and requests.
  • Provide only the highest quality products and services to our valued customers.
gr8west Fire and Safety
gr8west Fire and Safety

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to represent a small group of manufacturers in order to provide more value to them. By having a smaller number of manufactures and representing their product line, we can provide better focus and ultimately value to our customers.

Serving Your Needs Better

Since 2010, Gr8west Fire and Safety has been serving the needs of firefighters and emergency services. As a manufacturer representative company, we bring over 50 years of combined sales service and knowledge to this exemplary group of dedicated professionals. The primary goal of the Gr8west Fire and Safety is to be different than other rep companies.

gr8west Fire and Safety

Assisting & Working With Top Manufacturers

We have years of experience and a unique understanding of the procurement process required to work with the government at all levels. We are in a position to assist manufacturers in their respective industries and assist them with the growth of their innovated businesses to help them become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our team has deep relationships with distribution and end-use customers. We work to provide solutions starting with product development all the way through to customer implementation.

Our company continues to grow and provide new product offerings. Gr8west Fire and Safety is proud to be the face of other manufacturers such as Fire-Dex and Safeguard Equipment. These new additions have allowed us to continue to build upon the first responder and safety offerings and serve new customers at the local, state, and federal levels throughout the six Western States.

gr8west Fire and Safety


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